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Our Services


Dedicated Sitters is proud to offer a variety of PRN essential companionship care services to make your life easier.

From restroom assistance, or bathing to light meal preparation and tidying up, to keeping you company and ensuring your doors are locked when we leave, we are here to support you. 

Our team is also available to provide dressing assistance, if needed, run errands and take you to appointments and events, so you can focus on what matters most - your peace of mind and enjoying your time with loved ones.

If our companionship care sitter, brings you to Bon Jour Social & Leisure Center for Social Wellness, you will receive a discount for your daycation at Bon Jour. 


6 hour shift

We're also available for: 

12-hour shift

24-hour shift

Holidays and Weekends

We're here to accommodate your schedule. Call Us to discuss your needs. 

Nurse Virtual Appointment Service

Our Registered Nurse will assist our clients with demystifying the medical jargon and provide families with layman's terms of the medical conditions which will enable our clients to hire our PRN sitters with a better understanding as to their needs.

Initial Nurse's Service Fees: $160.

Additional service fees will vary upon client's needs. 

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